Does RISE 360 default text in every block meet accessibility standards?

Jul 14, 2022

Our team is creating hundreds of Rise courses for our global employees utilizing the default text from various blocks. It seems all or most blocks use a default color of HEX #313537 (grey) ... The question was raised about it not being compliant in regards to accessibility as it is not using black HEX#000000.

Can someone provide information on this please? Thank you.

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Sandra! #313537 is compliant in regard to accessibility, as the contrast ratio between #313537 and a white background is 8.59:1. I love this site for checking contrast and seeing if I'm meeting the requirement!

Pure black #000000 on pure white #FFFFFF is maximum contrast contrast but this combination can be considered too overwhelming or cause visual eye strain!

As long as your contrast ratio is meeting the WCAG guideline level AA of at least 4.5:1 for normal text (or 3:1 for large text), you're ok from a compliance standpoint.