Storyline block accessibility support in Rise

Dec 17, 2020

One of our clients is asking for an accessible scenario questions within Rise. As we know that accessibility support for scenario blocks in Rise is still in development, we thought of a workaround of adding Storyline blocks within Rise. Now it's not clear in your documentations or roadmap whether Storyline blocks in Rise are fully (or partially) accessible, can someone shed some light on this? 

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Arjun!

Thanks for reaching out! If the Storyline interaction itself is accessible, it will still be accessible as a block in Rise 360. This also follows for embedded web content as well. It will be up to the author of the content or the Storyline interaction to make it accessible, and it should work in Rise 360. Hope that helps!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Matthew! Thanks for bringing that up! 

For Storyline Blocks:

  • Use Tab and Shift+Tab to navigate Storyline interactions. A yellow box will appear around the selected object as you move through the content.
  • Press Enter or the spacebar to activate buttons and links, select answer choices, and interact with media.