Accessibility in Rise 360

Jan 14, 2022

The following article states “Keep in mind that image and quote carousels, process interactions, drag-and-drop interactions, and chart blocks aren’t currently keyboard accessible. If you use these blocks in your lessons, you’ll want to provide alternatives as well (like a text block that summarizes the information provided in the interactive block).”

It also states that “Rise 360 provides instructions for interactions with the exception of sorting activities and matching drag-and-drop questions. Until we make these interactions fully accessible, you’ll want to use a text block to provide instructions.” 

However, the following article provides instructions on how to navigate Rise 360 courses entirely with your keyboard, including the blocks listed above. 

 So now I am slightly confused ..... are the following block types accessible, and if not, how do they differ in accessibility compared to other blocks?

  •  Image and quote carousels
  • Process interactions
  • Drag-and-drop interactions (sorting activities and matching activities)
  • Chart block

I appreciate any guidance!

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hey Aimee!

This is a great question. While users might technically be able to navigate those items via keyboard, there are still some screen reader instructions we need to improve upon behind the scenes so those blocks do not technically meet standards at this time! Our VPAT is the official source of truth for blocks that aren't currently accessible and it's available here. I hope that helps!