What Rise Blocks still need to be updated to become accessible?

Apr 27, 2023

I know Articulate has been making great strides to make all Rise blocks accessible. I'm looking to flag inaccessible Rise blocks for content creators so they know to avoid those when creating new courses. What Rise blocks still need to be updated to be accessible? 

It seems like flash cards, carousels and quote blocks are now accessible. I'm assuming matching, sorting, and scenarios still have accessibility issues. Please let me know if you have more information about which blocks are accessible. 



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Karl Muller

Hi Auston,

Inaccessible Blocks

The [Rise] blocks listed below aren’t yet WCAG 2.1 conformant. If you use them in your lessons, you’ll want to provide alternatives as well, such as a text block that summarizes the same information.

  • Quote and image carousels aren't fully keyboard accessible and don't have a defined hierarchy.
  • Scenario blocks don't support alt text.
  • Sorting activity blocks don't have accessible instructions or status messages. 
  • Matching knowledge checks don't provide a meaningful sequence or a defined hierarchy when accessed via screen reader. They also aren't keyboard accessible and don't provide accessible instructions or status messages. 

Source https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-360-How-to-Design-an-Accessible-Course 

Auston Stamm

Hi Karl,

Thank you for your reply. I agree with you about the blocks for scenarios, sorting activities, and matching being inaccessible. However, quote and image blocks have been mentioned in their accessibility journey page as being improved. 

I am able to navigate with the keyboard on the carousel and quote blocks. I was able to use VoiceOver to navigate too. Is there more info about the functional barriers a user may encounter when interacting with these elements? 

Auston Stamm

Thank you, Karl. I am familiar with the page you linked too. I'm sorry I didn't mean to make it seem like it was your opinion.

I'm hoping to get feedback from someone at Articulate about quote and image blocks and what functional barriers currently exist and what improvements are still on their roadmap. 

Auston Stamm

My colleague did some testing and the issue with the carousels is that they do not announce to screen reader users the number of items included in the carousel. Also the little circles that switch to the different items in the carousel are not keyboard accessible. The single quote and grid photo options are accessible. Hopefully, Articulate will make their carousels accessible in a future update.  

Angelo Cruz

Hi Auston! Thanks for sharing your findings.

As Accessibility is a critical part of our roadmap, rest assured that our engineers are working to make Rise fully accessible. Currently, these accessibility features are still being evaluated by our team. You can bookmark this page to keep up with the Articulate 360 features that are currently in development:

Articulate 360 Feature Roadmap

In addition, this article has in-depth details about what we've been doing to improve accessibility in Rise 360:

Rise 360: Our Accessibility Journey

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.