Duplicate Rise Module

Jun 22, 2017

We are in the process of translating our modules to a secondary language. I thought the process would be simple. However when I duplicate a rise module, NONE of the links/buttons to move around inside stay linked. I have to go back through and re-link them. This is very time consuming.  Is there anyway when a duplicate copy is made that all the button destination links stay within the course.

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Aaron Barth


You're correct. the labels don't stay consistent for each course. I went ahead and changed all of the navigation labels in that particular course to French. When I moved on to the next course in English, my navigation labels are still in French. I shouldn't have to change them back to English. Are these controls default for all courses? They should be setup individually. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Aaron!

Sorry to hear that you've run into difficulty with this. 

Curious if you modified the default setting or if you created your own custom labels.

My course defaults to English much like Nisha describes above, although I can see where you would want 'duplicate' to work differently and be an actual duplicate. Seems to be duplicating the content in a 'new' file and default settings.

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