Edit fonts/colours in Rise 360

Feb 07, 2020


We have a defined colour scheme to use, and I've been trying to apply changes to the whole text such as Font colour and background Color.
Is there a way to do so?
For example:
Titles: white
Text: dark grey
If I use a specific font, that not everyone has installed, does that affect how the course is shown? Or no matter which font I use, they will get is just like Storyline?
Also, the background for the click to reveal tiles, is it possible to edit?

Thank you very much!

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Karl Muller

Rise does not have the functionality that allows you to create a style sheet that applies to an entire course.

It would be great if it did.

What I did to implement our company color scheme, is I created an example of each block type, and formatted them all as we need them to be. E.g. font size and color,background and padding.

Then I created Block Templates for each of these blocks.

Now when I create my courses, I grab the appropriate block from the Template library and insert it into my course.

The fonts used in your course are exported with your Rise course.

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