Edit function on labelled graphic

Jun 04, 2019

hi, my edit button on labelled grahic is not enabled. it does not open when I click on it, can you advise?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Leesa,

When in Edit mode, if you move your mouse cursor down below the dotted line above the default labelled graphic, the first Edit button will appear in the top left corner:


This will enable you to edit your labels and control your settings, such as background colour. However, in order to change the graphic and download a new image, you need to select the second Edit button, which can be found below the centre of the image:

Both of these buttons should be enabled when in Edit mode.

Steve Tasker
Ned Whiteley

Hi Steve,

I also use Chrome and can always see the Edit button below the graphic image provided I have first selected the first Edit button in the top left corner of the block. My apologies if I didn't make it clear that you still need to select this button first.

That was my mistake! got it now. Thanks all for responses

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