Edit text style/format in Rise matching quiz question

Jun 25, 2019

Hi there,

I'm needing to use the 'subscript' text style option for my matching question (on the element 'CO2') but no options to edit are available like they are for the standard multi choice and single choice questions. Will this feature be added?

Thank you.


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David Tait

I'm desperate for this to be added too, and have mentioned it a few times on the forum. A lot of the content we work with is medical in its nature and not having sub/supescript on this question type in the quiz causes a lot of headaches as we have to tell our clients they can't have what they want/need for their content to be accurate. 

To me this seems like a relatively quick fix that would make a lot of Rise users happy.

Crystal Horn

Hi Mark. We won't be adding the text editor to this question type for the foreseeable future. Because we maintain a default size of those matching elements, we don't allow the text formatting options (size, style, and position) that you see in other text blocks. We default to fixed fonts for this question type.

I realize this restriction can be inconvenient for specialized text, and we're continuing to track users who tell us they need this ability. We'll continue to update you with any changes.

Aaron Mitchell

Commenting to follow this thread.

Increasing the default size of the text in these matching questions would be a massive help. 

I have used them to quiz learners on the meaning of a logical symbol = !=  >= <= etc

These symbols appear far too small to the user, especially for learners using a high res screen..