Editing Default "Next Lesson" Footer in Rise

Feb 26, 2020


I am currently working on a course, part of which includes laying out "7 steps" our employees need to take at work. Each of these "7 Steps" has it's own associated lesson.

The problem is that the "Next Lesson" footer button that appears at the bottom of each lesson, includes a number in it, which can be confusing for the learner. So what I end up with are footer buttons at the end of each lesson that say:

Lesson 6 - Step 1

Lesson 7 - Step 2

Lesson 8 - Step 3


Is there a way to customize the footer button at the bottom of each lesson to EXCLUDE the preface of "Lesson #", and only include the name of the Lesson itself? I know I can turn off these footers and just create a custom button at the bottom of each lesson, but I prefer not to do so.

I have attached a screenshot for reference. 


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Jeff Forrer

I second this for a feature request. 

Right now I have a client where we have 17 modules or microlearnings with 3 sections each.  The auto numbering at the end of each does not make sense here as we do not want these to be numbered sequentially all the way through the full course, as we want to start over for each microlearning.  We can shut off the prev/next buttons, but then they only have the left nav menu for navigation and that defeats the purpose of the slick inituitive navigation built-in to Rise.

Same goes for numbered dividers ;0), would be nice to reset when you want so you can use multiple sets in a lesson.


Karl Muller

Hi Izzy,

You cannot scroll from one Lesson to another.

To navigate between Lessons you need to enable the sidebar menu and / or the Previous & Next Buttons that appear at the top and bottom of every Lesson.

You can enable / disable the sidebar menu and the Previous & Next Buttons by following this path:

Course / Settings / Navigation