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Oct 30, 2018


I'm updating four e-modules, due for release next week.

When I go into the edit field for labelled graphics, some of the text is disappearing. It shows up in the course screen - it's only when I try to edit. It happened yesterday as well. 

How do I fix this please?

With thanks,



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Sam Williamson

Hey Michelle,

I ran into this myself yesterday. For what it's worth everything displays properly in Microsoft Edge, so my guess is that a Chrome update broke something.

The easiest workaround I've found is to zoom the browser out slightly.

You can do this in Chrome either by pressing Ctrl and - or using the zoom interface in the three-dot menu in the top-right of the browser window. That should make the text reappear, at which point you can zoom back in if you'd like; everything should stay visible until you back out to the Marker selection menu.

The issue appears to be related to Markers with enough text that the entry box needs to add a scrollbar; my boxes with less text aren't affected. Not sure why zooming out to 90% eases things – a rendering issue? – but until there's a proper fix it's a fairly painless salve.

Hope that helps.

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