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Email links typically rely on JavaScript and Rise has yet to introduce a "JavaScript" block. That being said, you can handle this with Storyline & the Storyline Rise block. I wouldn't recommend this for mobile deployments but if your users are PC based, this is a workable solution.

One best practice, make your Storyline slide wide in length and short in height... more like a banner. It will fit more seamlessly into Rise this way.

Karl Muller

Hi Lesley,

Note: For this to work, an email client like Outlook needs to be installed.

There are two ways to do this in Rise:

Using Text

  • Select the text you want to link.
  • Choose to insert a hyperlink from the toolbar.
  • A window will pop-up.
  • In the URL field, type mailto:address@domain.com

Using a Button block

  • Create a Button Block
  • Select EDIT
  • Click the Destination dropdown
  • Choose Send an email
  • Enter an email address

End result

If an email client like Outlook is installed, when either the link or the button block is clicked, the email client will open and create a new email.

The TO: email address will be populated with the email address you entered.

The Subject will will be populated with the name of the Rise course.

The Body area will be blank.