Embed special characters in Rise courses

Jan 22, 2023

Hi!  I have noticed that some Rise courses are using special characters, but I can't find the instructions for how to do so for Rise projects.

Can someone point me to the right place to get this information?

For example: ▼ Check Your Understanding

How to I insert the special character above in a Rise file? I know there are lists with Hex codes, such as https://psdtowp.net/html-codes-special-characters.html, but I don't know how to insert these codes in a Rise course.  Thank you!

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John Morgan

Hi Gayle,

Thanks for asking about this! It looks like people are inserting special symbols using alt codes. Here's a conversation talking about that.

Although I can't really recommend a website with a list of ALT codes, Googling "ALT codes" should point you in the right direction.

I hope this helps!