Embedded PDF with type fields not working

Dec 08, 2020

I need to have a PDF in my course where learners can fill in the fields. I've already created the PDF with editable fields and have it hosted on a server. So far, it has embedded successfully using the multimedia block; however, the fields do not allow me to type in them.

I also notice that the pop-out function takes me to a Google drive preview of the file, and not to the direct URL where the PDF does function properly.

Is there any way to make the embedded PDF work as it should or will I have to get my learners to download the file in order for them to type in the fields?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Aaron. I've used interactive PDFs in a Rise lesson before, and they've worked for me. With your permission, we can privately troubleshoot with you and your document to see what's happening. You can connect with us here to get that started.

The pop-out behavior could be unique to the browser environment. We can explore this behavior as well.