Embedded videos in Rise 360 not playing full screen in LMS

I know that this topic has been raised before, but I'm not sure if there is a solution for it. I have created a course in Rise 360 in which there are 2 embedded videos. There is a full screen icon on the playbar which when I use in Preview mode opens the video in full screen. However, when clicking on the icon in the course on the LMS (SCORM 1.2) it does nothing. This is causing problems for people trying to view the videos. Is this a Rise, LMS, browser (IE11/Firefox) issue or a combo of all 3?

Thanks for any help - even if it's definite confirmation that it's not possible.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sue. We are tracking an issue where videos in courses that are hosted in an LMS within the same LMS browser window are not launching full screen. I'll keep you updated on any changes we make to that behavior.

In the meantime, are you able to launch your course in a new window from your LMS? Many LMSs have a launch behavior setting that you can toggle from frameset (same window) to new window.

Maryjo Hubbard


I am having the same issue. The full-screen option works in preview but not when uploaded to LMS. I tried both launching in frameset and in new window. The behavior is the same. The picture-in-picture icon is working but not the full-screen icon. 

We use ScormCloud and the full-screen icon is grayed out when previewed in ScormCloud also. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Maryjo. Have a look at my SCORM Cloud settings in this quick Peek 360 screencast. I set both SCO Launch Type and Player Launch Type to "New Window." I also had the course open in a new window in a Moodle environment, and the video was able to use the full screen option.

Is SCORM Cloud your testing environment, or is it your main system? Let us know if you're using another LMS -- there may be another launch setting we're missing. Thanks!

Gopalakrishnan Shankar

Hi Crystal

Is there an update on this issue? When launching the course in a new window through the LMS setting, there are no issues with videos launching full screen. But the issue persists within the same window. It's been a year, so wondering if there is a new setting that helps sort out this issue!


Tiffani Johnson

Full screen videos should work if you export your course as a SCORM 2004 (4th Edition). However, some other users have found that this solution only works in Google Chrome.

See the thread in the link below for more information. Comments from Steve Flowers are especially helpful.