Embedding a video as Large seems to break Rise?

Hi, I've already posted about trying to see videos full screen not working in rise. We have also tried to embed some from websites at 'Large' size but that seems to break Rise? They shift to the left in the Rise page and get cropped in the video frame so content is hidden. It seems like the Rise frame isn't expanding properly to see all of the content? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steven,

Where are you adjusting the "size" of your videos to large? Also what type of lesson have you added these videos into? 

If it's easier for you to share a copy of your Rise course with us to take a look at, we're happy to look at that too. If you connect with our Support Engineers they'll send you directions on how to share a course. 

Steven Croft

Hi Ashley,

Well we'd like to embed videos from URLs. As an example, I tried a Microsoft how to video and getting the 'Large' embed code. Then adding a block with an embedded video and just changing the URL code. Immediately, in both edit mode and preview you can see the video is cropped/hidden as some content is out of frame (see two grabs of Microsoft content).

Also, I found that if I choose edit width to large under settings, the whole video frame shifts to the left but the frame isn't expanded. See screengrab. Also if we upload our own videos and choose full width, it is bit too large filling the browser completely and looking a little too 'zoomed'.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Steven - and it also looks like you're using an unsupported browser. Make sure you're using one of the browsers listed here.  Could you also share a link to the video, and what you changed in the URL? 

I played around with some videos I had within Review, and linked them inside the Video/Embed lesson and they don't appear "full screen" while editing, but once you begin previewing them you'll see how they display: