Embedding an Articulate Storyline video within a tab interaction

Jan 09, 2018

tab interaction

So you can see from the image above my <iframe> isn't showing the Articulate Storyline video - It's just a blank white square. Below is the code I used. The reason why I want this to work is because on the other 2 tabs I have .mp3 videos and I want it to be all uniform without having to use a separate interactive button below it, which I know is a function in Rise. I want all 3 to show as videos. How can I get my Storyline file to just show up, without it having to look like the below image that isn't very professional looking at just says "Login". Thanks in advance for any help! :)


<iframe src="https://contactatonce.articulate-online.com/0496981240"></iframe>



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Rebecca Freedman

Thanks so much for your quick response Phil!

The Storyline file is interactive. It has areas with buttons that click and launch other slides with information.

The iFrame information you gave above makes sense. What if I made the Storyline file just launch the course and not ask for contact info to capture at the beginning? Would it work then?

I tried to redo it without it asking for "guestbook" data collecting information, but the iFrame is still blank.

I'm guessing there isn't a way to add the interactive Storyline file to just show and launch when user clicks play?

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