Embedding discussion forums in Rise 360

Nov 01, 2023

I was trying to embed a Slack channel in Rise using the iframe code. When I do that I only have the option to open up the Slack channel discussion in another tab, instead of it staying embedded within Rise like I thought the iframe code would allow.  Has anyone else tried to embed a link to a Slack discussion channel in Rise, or have any thoughts or tips on this?  I read a post from 3 years ago that said Padlet is an option.  Does any one know if Slack or another discussion tool would work? Please let me know. Thank you.


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Angelo Cruz

Hi Dana!

We use Embedly to embed rich media in Rise courses, which means you can use videos, images, documents, and other media from over 400 content providers, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Scribd. See the complete list of supported content providers here

I didn't see Slack on the list. Have you tried reaching out to Slack's help center to see if it can support showing discussions in-line and not opening in a new tab? I'll defer to our community for more suggestions or recommendations.