Embedding PDF files to open up in a frame with a RISE 360 page

May 15, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I have been adding PDF files to a RISE course page, as multimedia items that you can attach to the page.  Although this gets the content into RISE, it does not open within a frame (like videos that you can embed).  So far, I have only been able to download the PDF, then open it outside of the Rise course page. Does anyone know how I can embed a PDF into RISE so it just opens up within a frame on the course page? Any help or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


Dana Von Berg

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Ginger Swart

Hi Dana,

I have a Quick Tip that covers Embedding a PDF in Rise 360. In the Resources area of that page, I link to an article where you can get the embed code needed to do that. The PDF will need to be hosted somewhere so you can use an URL in your embed code. 

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Christopher Santos

Hi Dana,

You'll need to host the PDF online and then use the URL for the file as a source in an <iframe> when using the Embed block (Multimedia > Embed).  Here's an example:


In the above example, I hosted the PDF in Amazon S3 and grabbed the URL of the PDF, and used it as a source.  Here's the <iframe> code I used:

<iframe src="https://articulate-us.s3.amazonaws.com/support-share/short-lived/csantos/Form_501.pdf"></iframe>

You can use the syntax above and just replace my URL with the URL for your file once you have the PDF hosted online.

Dana Von Berg

Thank you Christopher and Ginger.  Ginger, I watched your video and the information was extremely helpful.   The current issue I am having is that I need to be able to embed a PDF file into a test course I created in Rise.  The PDF file is embedded within our LMS, which is D2L. Should I be able to use the link from the LMS in the embed code, or does the file have to be hosted somewhere else online such as a regular website, or in Google Docs? Also, for this file and others, I am not sure how you go about obtaining the embed code. I know that once I work with this a couple times it should be clearer and more like second nature. Since I am new to working with embed coding, any additional help you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you.


Christopher Santos

Hi Dana,

You can still probably use the link to your PDF from your D2L course.  There might be a way to grab that URL directly from them, but I am thinking your learners might be prompted to log in to D2L.  You will have to connect with your LMS support to check on this.  

Depending on where you have your files hosted, they may either provide an embed code or just the share link.

If just the share link, you can just use the following syntax Ginger and I used in our examples.  Just replace the URL part in the src part of the code with your PDF file URL.

Meghan Davis

Hi Ginger,

Your tutorial is really helpful. Thank you. I have a question I am hoping to get some help with. I am using Google Drive to host the PDFs that I want to embed in Rise. When I use the URL for the file in the iframe code, Google Drive is what is in the embed block and says, "You need access," even though the shared settings in Google Drive allow anyone with the link to access the file. Is there a way around this?

Ginger Swart

Hi Meghan, That's odd. Not sure why you're seeing that access message, but there might be an issue with your link. Here's something to try: if the end of your link says something like /edit?usp=sharing, swap that out for /preview

To see only the PDF and not the Google Drive info, you'll need to use the embed code instead of just the link. Here's some code that you can try; just swap out my link here with yours. 

<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/18TTZmO_RLgOFCFpOBZqOFUMJgqH0Zdc1/preview" width="100%" height="600px" style=“border:0;"></iframe>

Hope this helps. If not, it would be helpful to see some screenshots of what you're seeing.