Embedding Rise course into webpage as iFrame - Page jumps to iFrame upon loading

Jun 03, 2020

Hi there, 

I'm attempting to embed my Rise 360 course as an iFrame into a webpage. However, upon loading the page it jumps straight down to the iFrame as opposed to loading normally. This only happens with Google Chrome, and not other web browsers. This is an issue because our learners are required to use Google Chrome.

I Since I don't have access to the FTP or hosting service, I'm embedding the iFrame using the 'Share' link. I'm can't share the exact link on a public forum (I can share privately with customer support), but here's the iFrame code I've been using: <iframe src="https://rise.articulate.com/share/projecturl" width="980" height="1742"> </iframe>

Do you have any solutions I can try out? Thank you! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Thank you for sharing that resource, Karl! 

Ryan, as Karl mentioned, you won't be able to use a Share link inside an iFrame after June 8th.

This article explains how to export a Rise 360 course to a web server and includes video tutorials for some free hosting options, such as Amazon S3 and Google Cloud. 

Once the Rise 360 content is hosted on your own server or an LMS, you can embed that link in an iframe. Click here to learn more. 

James Rimmer

Hi there, I'm trying to embed a Rise 360 course (which I have exported to Rise.com) in an iframe on a different (non-0articulate) web page. The embed code has been added and I see the Rise.com login screen, but when the login details are input and the login button pressed, nothing happens - the course doesn't load.

Any ideas why this is the case? Does Rise.com not allow Rise 360 courses to be viewed through iframes?

Mary Aversa

I'm so disappointed that Articulate made this change! I wanted to create an interactive set of guidelines for creating training for my department (what better way to publish training design guidelines than to author them in Rise!), then embed that Rise "course" in a SharePoint page. I don't want to track completions, I don't want users to have to access this through our LMS, and an iframe link to index.html doesn't work in SharePoint. So disappointing! Rise has such potential to provide great interactive material that isn't presented as a course--and promote your product at the same time--but for those whose only options are to host on an LMS or on SharePoint, there isn't a solution. 

Lea Agato

Hi, Mary! Thanks for sharing your feedback. The Rise share link is not meant as a long-term web hosting solution. You can find more info about this in the Articulate 360 Terms of Service

I understand you're having trouble hosting your Rise course in SharePoint. Your SharePoint admin may be able to help by following the steps in this forum post.

I hope this helps!