Embedding Storyline Slides in Rise for a Client - Chicken or the Egg?

Dec 10, 2020

Hi! I want to make sure I'm doing this right and my order of operations is correct.

I'm building a Rise course for a client. But it's not just any Rise course. It's a "library" containing key terms, expert videos, some PDFs, and some Storyline slides. This "library" will be accessible from all six Storyline modules so learners can visit it anytime they need.

When my Rise course is perfect, I will "transfer ownership" to the client so they can publish to their LMS. When they publish, they will provide me with the link so I can embed that in all six Storyline modules.

I'm good on everything so far, if you agree. Now for my question as I’ve not embedded SL slides in Rise before.

From everything I read, it looks like embedding Storyline slides in Rise assumes I am the final owner of the Storyline content and will link to files on my own server. This is not the case. I will be sending the SCORM packages to the client to upload to their LMS. How do I embed slides in this case, please? What am I missing?

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Karl Muller

Hi Shannon,

Publish your Storyline content to Review 360. 

Then add a INTERACTIVE/STORYLINE block to your Rise course. This will pull in a copy of the Storyline content from Review 360 into Rise.

Once that has been done, the Storyline content on Review 360 is no longer needed, linked, or referenced by the Rise course. Everything related to the the Storyline content is included in the Rise course, and once published, within the SCORM file.

jack line
Can you embed storyline into rise?
Believe it or not, an instructional designer could use both platforms for one single project. Rise has built-in interactions that aren't possible to create (not easily or without script anyway) in Storyline. A Storyline file can be imported into Rise and then published to Rise as a Rise course.