Embedding Web-Export of SCORM on a Google Site

Feb 07, 2023

Is there a way to embed the web-export format of a SCORM file onto a Google Site? I'm trying to share a course with individuals who don't have access to my company's LMS, so uploading to the LMS and sharing a link isn't an option.

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Tim Morris

We don't have access to Google Cloud and we're not looking to spend $ for hosting the file online, so - if embedding into a Google Site isn't possible - please let me know if a workaround has been identified. If I upload the web-export format to our company Google Drive, would I be able to host that way?

John Morgan

Hi Tim,

Thanks for asking about this! For you to be able to embed your Rise 360 content on your website the Rise 360 content would have to be hosted on a web server. There are many free hosting options including Amazon S3.

This article explains how to export a Rise 360 course to a web server.

Once your Rise 360 content is hosted on a web server, you can embed that link in an iframe. Here's an article on how to embed your content.

I hope this helps!