Employee Health and Wellness course

Apr 07, 2020

Hi, just having a look at this free course. One thing which puzzled, me, how did the side buttons appear to be large and a circle ? Then after the intro of the Process block they become semi circles. Is it bespoke ?

Also i love the process block but hate the way we cant hide the number at the top of each process. However on this slide (Section 3- Gauging your wellness) the orange label appears top left of the text rather than always at the top.

Am I missing something obvious ? Or have they changed the code underneath for this demo to make it different ? It is a Process block isnt it ?

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Telathia! That Storyline block template that has already been removed from the Rise 360 template. We no longer have access that specific Storyline project. However, the exact functionality of the Interactive slide that you were looking for can be seen and downloaded here:


Hope this helps!