Error: Font Size in Text Blocks

I have experienced this problem three times now.  The font size will not adjust in text blocks and defaults to font size 16 pt.  However, when previewing the course the font size displays at the actual size despite the drop down menu indicating it is size 16 pt. 

  1. For example, in the attached file I pasted the caption as "plain text" and when I select the text and a font size it displays 16 pt.  When I change it to 14 pt it still remains at 16 pt.  In summary:
    • The default caption size is not 16 pt.  All text created or pasted as plain text uses the 16 pt font in edit mode as seen in the drop down menu.
  2. When I select the text and attempt to change it to 14 pt it remains at 16 pt.
  3. When I preview these same text blocks the actual (default) font size is displayed.  In some instances, the desired font change takes place but in most cases the actual (default) font size shows, which was not reflected in either the display or the drop-down menu when editing.
  4. I have cleared my cache, logged out, restarted my computer and the problem does not seem to go away.  It seems to last for several hours/days and then intermittently go away.  Unfortunately, it is killing my productivity.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Thank you!  Robin

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