Errors After Converting to LMS

Nov 10, 2020

I created a course in Rise 360 that uses Storyline Interactives. When previewing in Articulate there are no problems. After course has been loaded as a SCORM into our LMS, I've had some issues reported.

Some users have reported that some interactives seem to "freeze" or are "loading" where there are 3 blinking dots, but you can see the content in gray. It still works - it just appears to be loading at all times.

Second, some users report that text will convert to what seems to be a different language at times. It does not seem to be all of the time and it does not happen to all users necessarily.

Any ideas?

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Chino Navarro

Hi Taylor,

I am sorry to hear that your course is constantly loading Storyline interactions. Did you notice if the issue happens to specific browsers and devices? 

Can you try the following troubleshooting steps?
1.) Try using a different browser such as Google Chrome.
2.) Make sure your browser is fully updated.
3.) Clear your browser's cache.
4.) Restart your computer.

For your second issue, does the text change into a different language, or is it a bunch of random characters?

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