"Exit Course" button behaves differently for xAPI and SCORM 1.2

Mar 12, 2021

Hi there,

We found out that some users complete xAPI course then click "Exit Course" or a button which has a destination "Exit to course (LMS only)" and reach the page "Bye, You may now leave this page". Then they think they should close the browser instead of going back to LMS. For this reason, course stays in progress.

When we export the course in format SCORM 1.2 , "Exit Course" action works as we expected, user stays in LMS, they don`t even see the message "Bye, You may now leave this page" and course is completed.

Do you know why same button acts differently for different formats? 

Thank you,


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Zehra!  Depending on your LMS, when you exit the course using either a button or the Exit Course link, you may see that messaging before closing the window where the Rise course displayed.  Some LMSs will use the "goodbye" messaging, and some will just close the window when you click to exit the course.

If you're looking for it to close the window and only show the LMS window again, I would reach out to your LMS administrator to find out your options for that page. 

Zehra Aykut

Hi Renz,

We looked into our application and found out that:

xAPI courses don’t call our application to close the iFrame. This means that the flow to complete a course never gets started. Scorm courses do this by sending a message with message.data = 'COURSE_COMPLETED', but this is not the same for xAPI courses.

So what kind of message we can expect here so we can let xAPI and Scorm courses follow the same flow?

Thank you,