Exit course functionality?

Dec 05, 2018

What is supposed to happen when you use the Exit Course button or Exit Course Link?

I thought it would close the window and actually take the learner back to the LMS, but it just shows a Bye! screen and leaves the learner to close the window themselves?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Lauren,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing some trouble with this.

Exit Course will exit back to the LMS but, in the case of TinCan (xApi) it will exit to an intermediate page and you have to manually exit to get back the LMS. It sounds like this might be your case!

If you have more questions about this please reach out - I’d be happy to help!

Brian McCann

I'm having this same problem, using Scorm 2004 3rd edition, not TinCan.

I looked on E-learning Heroes and came across a page that talked about the Exit Course button and the ability to modify the goodbye.html file. I tried modifying the goodbye.html file but there's nothing to modify, or at least as far as I can tell. Goodbye.html

I still see the hand and the Bye! message when I click the Exit Course button. And someone has to close that window with the message before the score transfers to the LMS (Canvas).



Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Magda Diaz

I am wondering what the Exit Course trigger will do since we are having trouble clearing a course from a user's learning plan if they fail a quiz (Which we are tracking.) Right now they just close the browser window. If they pass the quiz, that event removes the item from their learning plan as expected. Basically we don't want someone to retry the assessment until they speak with their Manager if they fail. Unfortunately right now if they fail they can immediately retake the assessment until they pass.

Does the exit course button communicate to the LMS to close the course completely so the learner can no longer go back into it


Just close the browser window.

Deploying to: SuccessFactors LMS, SCORM 1.2 (Which we are required to use)

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Magda. The Exit Course link will "end" the course and either display the goodbye messaging or close the browser window. It won't instruct the LMS to prevent the user from re-entering the course. 

Some learning management systems will display a completed course in "review" mode, and it won't allow new quiz attempts. Others will treat each experience with a course as a new attempt. Check with SuccessFactors about whether there is a setting you can manipulate to lock learners out of a completed course.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Brittni! The goodbye messaging is called upon by the LMS when exiting a course. Some of them use it, and some of them don't!

You can reach out to your LMS support to ask. Also, feel free to share which LMS you use here, and maybe some community folks can let you know their experience.

Karl Muller

The LMS that we use (TopClass) does not display the Goodbye message.

In this LMS, when a learner has achieved a "course completed" status, they are still able to access the course in the usual manner. It does not switch to a Review mode, and learners can re-attempt quizzes. All previous learner data is retained.

Michael Semmler

We have published a few courses in our LMS and have noticed that a significant number of course completions are not being recorded. From testing it appears that learners must exit using the “Exit Course” button for records to be updated. For other courses created in Adobe Captivate closing the window using the “X” still updates records. Is there a setting is Rise to make the “X” send course completion to “LMS”?

Monica Hunter


Will the exit course button only work once the course has been published/go live? Right now, I've reviewed the course in preview mode and shared the link with some team members to review and provide feedback and right now, nothing happens when you click to exit course (I added the button and changed to the destination to exit the course lms only). We're not getting that other page with the hand and bye so I was wondering if that's because it isn't live yet? Another department also runs our LMS.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Monica!

Correct, the Exit course button is for when exporting for LMS. It's used to exit the course window that opens from your LMS and return the user back to your LMS dashboard.

The goodbye messaging is called upon by the LMS when exiting a course. Some of them use it, and some of them don't!

You can reach out to your LMS support to ask. Also, feel free to share which LMS you use here, and maybe some community folks can let you know their experience.

Hope that clarifies that!

Carmín Disbrow

I published my course to use the Exit course link feature for SCORM 1.2 and I understand that the students will not receive a "goodbye" message (since I am using SCORM), but the tab does not close either. Having the tab close will be especially important for me as the tab remaining open has been leading to some issues with accurate tracking data getting to the grade book. 

Tonya Weathers

So it looks like this issue has persisted for 2 years. Does anyone know if there's a resolution. My issue isn't that the Bye screen displays, my issue is that the course isn't marked complete when the Exit button is clicked and the Bye screen is closed. Here is a step by step of what's happening to hundreds of our Learners, but first here are the course details:

  • Rise Course
  • SCORM 1.2
  • Track using quiz result
  • Reporting: Passed/Incomplete
  • Exit Course Link: Off
  • Exit Course Button (Exit the course LMS only): On
  • LMS: Saba

Steps leading to issue:

  1. Launch course
  2. Complete Final Quiz
  3. Click "Exit Course" button
  4. Saba window closes
  5. Bye screen displays (Green check mark on left next to course title does not display.)
  6. Close Bye screen
  7. LMS does not show complete. Shows In Progress.
  8. Click Re-Launch
  9. Player opens and green check mark displays.
  10. Close window again.
  11. LMS shows as complete.

It seems like the Exit Course button nor the close window option are triggering the completion.

Attached are the screenshots of the issue.