Export Rise to Microsoft Word for Content Editing

Dec 24, 2017


Will Rise courses ever be able to be exported/ published to Microsoft Word for easy content editing?


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Bernadette McGrath

Thanks Caitlyn

We have to "pick" the information back into the file, in all its layers, when translated.

This is a duplication of effort compared to Articulate and raises the possibility for error.

What about accessible text and settings etc. these do not show in PDF?

We can download into XLIFF but our Translation department (large as they are) do not have the necessary software to use it. The "Word" translation option in Articulate is perfect, why can't it be looked at for RISE 360 ?

Cofion Cynnes / Kind regards

Bernadette McGrath

Lea Agato

Hi, Bernadette! The feature to allow translation Rise courses using Word isn't in our roadmap at the moment.  If your translation department doesn't have a translation tool, I know lots of people in the community have had success with a free tool called SmartCat, so you may want to give it a try!  

Emma Richardson

Wishing to add to the need for a MS Word export from Rise 360. As other commenters have said, many of us do not have XLIFF software and the like of SOFTCAT no longer offer a free version / our IT department do not allow usage of other free versions. Our translation team still prefer to work with WORD or Excel than an software tool. As others have mentioned the work to prepare the modules for translation, then copy and paste back are time consuming and open to error.