Exported Rise as web only - no LMS it opens without embedded storylines

Hi all, 

I have just tested exporting a rise course to a local file and saving within SharePoint. It opens fine in Chrome but does not show where I have inserted storyline scenes into the course - just see blank place holder where it should be. 

Any ideas why this isn't working?

Thank you



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Matthew Bibby

Do you have an active internet connection when testing this content?

Also, what browser are you using?

According to the Rise FAQ's:

"Note that embedded web content won't work offline unless you have an active internet connection. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge block local playback of Rise courses altogether. You'll just see a blank page in these browsers. To use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you'll need to upload your course to a web server."

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Annabelle,

Tempshare won't work with Rise content since Rise is strictly HTML5 output (similarly Storyline/Studio 360 output published as HTML5 only can't be uploaded to Tempshare).

I don't know a ton about Sharepoint, but if you're looking for another web server option, I often use Amazon S3.  I haven't heard any similar reports where Rise Web Only content with a Storyline block doesn't playback, but if you wanted to include your Rise export here I'm happy to upload to Amazon as a test for you!