My Rise course is not opening in IE 11, but other Rise courses do

Aug 26, 2017

Hello friends.  I just built a simple, one lesson Rise course.  I can edit it and preview it just fine in IE 11.  However, I have trouble when I try to open the exported course. 

My exported Rise course opens fine in Firefox.  With my Internet Explorer 11 browser I can open other Rise courses just fine (for example this one).  When I try to open the Rise course I just exported all I get is a blank page.  Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?  Is it because I'm trying to open it from my hard drive?  Our company standard right now is IE 11.  Thank you kindly.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rocky!  Thanks for all of that helpful detail.

Be sure you're creating your Rise courses in a supported browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

Also, did you export your course for web?  You can view courses "offline" in Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer will block the content.  Alternatively, you can upload your course to a web server and view it in all supported browsers!

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