Feature idea: open link in pop-up window/lightbox layer

Jan 31, 2017

When publishing a Rise course in our LMS, the course opens in a pop-up window like all of our SCORM courses. When a user clicks a link in the course, it brings up the background browser window and adds a tab to it and then shows the linked content. In the process of this it bumps the course window to the background. To some user it is like the course just disappeared. 

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Will Findlay

Or, here is an even better idea! How about allowing to set a link to open in a Lightbox? This would avoid the messiness of pop-up windows, but would allow the content (such as a video) to take over display of the entire window. (Unfortunately for us, our LMS disables the fullscreen button of all video players)

Michael Hardin

This is definitely a needed enhancement.  I would also like to see the ability to input content into the lightbox instead of just linked content.  For instance, I have a term that a learner may not recognize.  I would like them to be able to click the term and have a box appear with details.  I've tried a single accordion block, but it looks cumbersome and disrupts the flow of the course.  

Will Findlay

Related to this would be the ability to open an embedded video in a faux full screen lightbox (one that just fills up the browser window). Our LMS causes the full-screen option on embedded videos to be disabled, and this would help at least get the video to almost be full screen. [Edit] Sorry, I just realize I said this before in a previous comment!

michael.burgess2@ucsf.edu Burgess

This is absolutely needed. It's not just an ask. This should be a standard feature. You do not always display the type of content you want a user to fully navigate away from. In our world as learning developers, sometimes we need to open a popup window that supplies a bit of 'help' to the user, but it needs to be 'on top' of the Rise content. We cannot do this without the ridiculous editing of CSS and JS content in the published web package. If you are going to build in a link handler, there is no reason NOT to give developers the power to decide where that link, and how that link should open. This desperately needs to be added to Rise to make it fully functional.

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