Feature request: "Main menu" button

It would be great if there were a button similar to the "Continue" button in the "Dividers" block that allowed users to return to the start page for the course.

I realize that people can use the side bar to go to any section (or any section they have completed in Restricted viewing), but some customers ask that the sidebar not be visible in certain courses, and it can be hard for users who are unaccustomed to the Rise interface to figure out 1.) they can revisit previous sections and 2.) how to go back. 


It would also be great to have the option to have a similar option available after completion of a quiz. When a Rise course is restarted, it take the user back to where they left off. So, if the user had completed a course ending quiz but wanted to review the course and had no sidebar, they might have difficulties navigating back to the beginning of the course.


I've included some mockup images of what this could look like. I can provide more info on what I am asking about here if needed. In the meantime, if anyone has some unconventional ways to make Rise do something like what I'm looking for here, I'd appreciate it.

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Keith Kemsley

Hello, a recent change to RISE appears to have changed the logic of the button branching. Alyssa suggesetd that, "When you create a button block but do not specify a destination, it will default to the course start page when used by a learner." Now, when a destination is not specified, the learner is taken to a new tab and course progress is not shown. This has broken a number of our in-production courses. This change appears to be true for Chrome and Edge. Was this an intentional change? Is there a way to get our courses working again? In other words, is there some way of letting the learner jump to the main page? Thanks in advance!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Keith! Thanks for reaching out!

To clarify, you've attributed a quote to the wrong commenter. Alyssa, who is an Articulate staff member, didn't suggest that. That was mentioned by Karl Muller, who is a volunteer and Articulate user.

This was not an intentional feature nor intended to be a feature, nor a suggested fix. If you used this as a way to navigate through your courses, you'll need to update your courses to fix this. If the sidebar is available, a user can click the name of the course in the sidebar to return to the main course outline or "start page".

Renz Sevilla

Hi Keith! Adding on to my reply, to help guide you further! This workaround Karl discovered, is no longer working as it used to. Buttons in a button block should always have a destination, and it wasn’t intentional that an unspecified button would be taken to the course start page.

I would recommend setting the destination to the first lesson, or enabling the menu so learners can click the course title in the sidebar to return to the course start page.

Since this unintentional workaround wasn't officially supported by our team, a recent update may have inadvertently changed this and we're sorry about that.

We roll out updates based on customer impact to address standing issues. At this time, we can't commit to changing this back to the way it used to be, as it could affect enhancements that are in place.

If we do make any changes that help, we'll reach out here and let you know!

Keith Kemsley

Hi Renz,

Thank you for this second, thoughtful reply. Although it was unintentional on Articulate's part, it was very useful to be able to hyperlink back to the main page. As the courses we build are "reference guides" for VILT--where the learner may jump around a lot in the reference guide periodically throughout the course--it was very nice to send them back to "the beginning of the book / main menu" rather than having them sit in one of the lessons for a long time and not have a good view of all the lessons. Perhaps a feature request could be entered to allow the learner to jump back to the main page?

NOTE: I do know at least one of the bigger Articulate shops in the U.S. uses this same feature, but I don't know if they've run into the problem yet.