Feature request: "Main menu" button

It would be great if there were a button similar to the "Continue" button in the "Dividers" block that allowed users to return to the start page for the course.

I realize that people can use the side bar to go to any section (or any section they have completed in Restricted viewing), but some customers ask that the sidebar not be visible in certain courses, and it can be hard for users who are unaccustomed to the Rise interface to figure out 1.) they can revisit previous sections and 2.) how to go back. 


It would also be great to have the option to have a similar option available after completion of a quiz. When a Rise course is restarted, it take the user back to where they left off. So, if the user had completed a course ending quiz but wanted to review the course and had no sidebar, they might have difficulties navigating back to the beginning of the course.


I've included some mockup images of what this could look like. I can provide more info on what I am asking about here if needed. In the meantime, if anyone has some unconventional ways to make Rise do something like what I'm looking for here, I'd appreciate it.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Good feature requests. I added those for you.

You can use the button blocks to jump to lessons so that could work in some instances, but not as elegant a solution.

BTW, saw your profile said you're in St Louis. We're doing a workshop in there in a week or so. Good way to connect with other Articulate users.