Feature Request: Set Videos to NOT rewind automatically when it runs to the end

Aug 05, 2021

Today videos automatically rewinds to first frame when it runs to the end. And I would super duper like it to stop at the last frame and stay there. 

Why? Because our learners get slightly annoyed when they are following a tutorial and want to rewatch the last 10 seconds or so.

Would be so much easier if they could just rewind it and let it play from where they let it go.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea?

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Soren! Thanks for your feedback and for letting us know about this. In case your learners need to see the very last frame of the video, I can suggest adding more time after the last frame of the video so they can pause to see it.

Videos in Rise can pause until the last second, and once it reaches zero, it will return to the start of the video.