Feature Request: Unaltered Content Warning

Jan 30, 2019

The content that Rise creates is beautiful and extremely easy to implement. In fact, the content looks so good that our quality assurance team is finding multiple instances of the initial author creating a new block and then forgetting to update the content. Because the content has text and images already placed in the template block, they forget to update the template content with their own content.

Our team has a robust quality assurance process that catches these issues, and we're training authors to be more diligent about reviewing their materials. Even so, it would be handy to have a warning, icon, or alert that flags a block as being unaltered. This could also apply to items like interactive images that haven't had one of the hotspot text boxes updated. Users should be allowed to ignore the warning/flag/alert in case they want the template text. 

This feature would make it easier for anyone to check their work but would be especially helpful for smaller teams and individual creators that don't have dedicated QA personnel.


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