Feature request: Would like the ability to hide/disable blocks

Jun 23, 2020

We'd like the ability to hide or disable blocks. We have 5 people on our team who are asynchronously exporting the SCORM files and importing into our LMS. Having the ability to disable blocks means we can always leave courses in a state that is safe for export to LMS. There are several use cases:

  1. Add blocks that aren't ready to be published (incomplete or placeholders). 
  2. Add meta data or decision records
  3. Add two different versions of a block with slightly different content based on the audience. This one is key for us. We add button stack blocks to the end of every course to lead to the next course in the series and back to the course series listing. We have the same set of courses published both internally and externally in our LMS. The URL is different for internal and external. So currently, we update the URLs to internal for both buttons in the stack and export, then update the URLs to external for both buttons in the stack and export. Having two button blocks and the ability to hide one greatly simplifies this process.
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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stuart! 

Thanks for letting us know how we can make Rise 360 better for your team. 

While those options aren't available now, have you looked into using Block Templates? That would be an ideal place to store blocks that you intend to hide before publishing a course. Another benefit is, your entire team has access to the blocks you store there.

Hopefully that will work in the meantime!

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