Feature: optional lessons

Oct 15, 2019

Hi everyone,

we're all about mircolearning at our company and mainly use Rise for our e-learning. While I really like some of Rise's functionalities (like the new scenario block), I still have some things on my wish list. One of them is the option to mark Rise lessons as optional.

As you know, Rise allows several ways to track. We often use the course completion for our training - but our courses usually offer some main lessons as well as some optional ones, with additional information if they're interested in more or contact info if there are any questions. Now, if I build a course with 2 "must-do" lessons and 2 "optional" lessons, I could just set the "track course completion" to 50% - but I don't have any control over how they reach that 50%. Learners could view both optional lessons, get 50% and finish the course.

I'm also facing the problem that my learners don't get that there's an optional part, even though I use a section named "optional" for those lessons.

What's your opinion - do you need the function to mark Rise lessons optional? How do you handle optional lessons? Do you have a workaround?

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SibaPrasad Padhi

Hi Ina,

you can restrict your each lesson at the left hand navigation. First use only mandatory portion to place your content. At the end of mandatory lesson use button stake to jump to optional part lesson and use a storyline block to set the course completion. During this point the user have a choice to continue to rest of the optional part or left the training with the successful participation record to your LMS. Hope this workaround should resolve your problem.

Karl Muller

Ina, we put our optional training into separate Rise courses.

We do this for the reasons you mentioned above where a learner could achieve course mastery by doing only the optional training and skipping the required parts.

Having the ability to mark some lessons as optional would be great though. 

Kelly Taylor

This is a great feature we'd be keen to see too.

Not only optional lessons, but also 'equivalent' lessons. We have content that is specific to different regions or country legislation & regulations. So students don't necessarily need to know the information for each one, only the one that relates to them.

We could do it quite easily in storyline but we are moving across to rise to expedite our development processes.

Josh Gorman

We're building benefits courses but as a global company it would be nice if we could set the country specific lessons as optional so that we can keep the courses together. File management in Rise 360 has never been its strong suit. So if we can keep it in one doc, we'd be happier.

That or bring the file manager up to modern day with tags, groups, and interactive drag & drop.