Feedback in Rise - Correct/Incorrect without revealing answers

Jun 21, 2018

Hi - I've put together a course in Rise and passing (80%) of the Final Knowledge is mandatory.  I seem to be unable to adjust the settings of the Final Knowledge check to let the learner know their answer was correct/incorrect without providing the correct answer.   I've enabled multiple attempts to take the quiz  and it would be helpful to let the learner know if their answer was correct/incorrect without providing answers.   Thanks.

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Vanessa Barnes

I am also seeking to let users know whether each answer is correct/incorrect without providing the answer. I really like the feature where ticks and crosses appear beside the options, but for a current project, not having the option to turn this feature off means I can't offer Rise as an option for the client.

The client would like their users to have a second attempt at each question. If we opt to provide correct/incorrect feedback, they can select any random option, note the correct answers and enter them on the second attempt, without having to find the answers for themselves. We could decide to provide no feedback after each question, but as a user I'd really want to know which ones I got right so I wasn't tempted to change those answers on a second attempt at a quiz.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing, Vanessa. We're also tracking requests for the ability to retry only the incorrectly answered questions, and to allow multiple attempts at the question level. I'll make sure to update this discussion if we make any changes that will help with:

  • separating feedback from revealing correct/incorrect 
  • allowing multiple question attempts
  • retrying only incorrect questions
Stuart Johnston

Please add me too. 

Our organisation is absolutely screaming for this functionality.  We have hundreds (if not thousands) of users completing our online programs each week and not having this functionality is causing a significant resources drain on our business because we are spending so much time supporting users or dealing with complaints and feedback about this issue.... and with the overwhelming amount of user feedback about this issue on this forum, surely Articulate has to commit to having this on their development roadmap at least?

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