Finding and importing or updating SL interactions into Rise projects ...

Hi all, 

My Mgmt loves Rise and decided to use it as front end. Since I don't want to miss out on the possibilities of a storyline interaction, I develop quite a large number of SL interactions, which I have to publish to the articulate cloud in order to import them into the respective Rise project. Btw, each SL interaction comes in 3 languages, which triples the amount of my publications.

It becomes now a rising problem to me is, that there don't seem to be any useful searching options, in order to quickly find the interaction, I want to import. Also when I want to update - publish new version - a Rise project in the cloud, I often waist many minutes searching the version I want to update. 

In case I wasn't clear, I add a few screenshots to this post, illustrating my points. I am also curious, if I am the only articulate/rise user who has this request.

Thanks in advance for your support and have a nice weekend

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks so much for including those screenshots, Roland! I can definitely understand how having these three search features would be helpful:

  • Searching for course titles in Rise 360
  • Searching for Storyline 360 content to add to a Storyline block
  • Searching for Review 360 content titles when publishing a new version of an existing item

If we add new search features that will help you, we'll let you know! 

Roland Straub

Hello Alyssa

Sorry my late reaction but I was "gone fishing" a few days.

Thank you for your reply and yes, you hit the nail on the head. I would additionally wish to be able to search by publishing or actualization date. Are you going to fill in a feature or change request, that will be addressing this?   

Best regards and have a nice weekend