Font changes when course exported - Lato font Polish language

Apr 12, 2021

Hi, I have exported a recently translated course. When previewed in Rise, the header font (Lato) looks normal with the special characters. When exported as an html (which i use to upload to the sales LMS) some of the special characters look off. Did anyone have the same problem? If so, did you find any solution?

Many thanks in advance.


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Andreas Becker

Any progress on that one?
I'm experiencing the same problem. Polish characters are not supported for some of the inbuilt fonts (if not all). I was able to upload a version of the Lato font as 'Custom Font' that displays Polish characters in Headings and Body Text correctly, but most of the navigational elements (Sidebar, buttons and stuff) use some other font that cannot be managed/ replaced. Polish Characters on such elements appear in some ugly generic fallback font, which messes up the design. 
I'm talking about these kind of things (hope this forum displays them correctly):
ąęółśćżźĄĘÓŁŚĆŻŹ (some of them might show correctly, but not all)

Департамент навчання персоналу Vodafone Україна

Hi, what font does Rise use for the navigation elements (sidebar, buttons, etc.)?

After updating the New Theme setting, the combination of my custom font with the one used in the navigation blocks looks too disharmonious to me.