Font & Color Customization

Jul 27, 2021


I have a module whcih I would like to translate it ino Turkish. Our alphabet has special characters therefor needs a special font. When I tried to change and save my  font choices it seems like it did not affect text. Have you ever experienced something like this before if yes could you share your solutions with me?

Thanks in advance

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Ecem! You mentioned this course is shared with another user. Are you a collaborator on this course or did they send you a duplicate of the course?

Collaborators can have one of three roles for a Rise 360 course:

  • The Course Owner can do everything.
  • Course Manager can do everything except edit labels, transfer ownership, and delete the course. When a course manager publishes a course to Review 360, it's published to the course owner's account rather than the course manager's account. 
  • Course Collaborator can edit the course but doesn’t have access to Settings, Share, Review, or Export.

    You may be publishing the course, but it's going to the course owner's account.

I hope that helps!