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Mar 05, 2019

I have uploaded a custom font for a project which I primarily want to use in headings but I notice that Rise also uses this font for other layout elements such as Statements and Quotes. Can I stop this happening and force these elements to use the body font (in this case Merriweather)? The heading font is a display font and too much text in it looks a bit weird.


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Anthony Karcz

Hey, John! Unfortunately, there isn't a way to choose which blocks use the Headings font and which use the Body font. If you have time to log a feature request, that would be super helpful!

In the meantime, I compiled a list of all the blocks that use the Headings font. Hopefully, it will help you plan your lesson outline so you can make sure your content and your blocks are in perfect harmony.

Hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.   

Sherri Fricker

Hi Anthony,

The list is great! It would also be very helpful to know which ones allow you to choose Regular or Bold font. One of our work arounds is to upload different fonts into Regular, Bold, and Italic. (e.g. Regular - Lato, Bold - Knockout, Italic - Wisdom) For some of the places where the heading font is used, you can't even choose the Regular font, which is frustrating. Knowing where we can use the Regular Heading font would be super helpful!

Marianne Seidler

I am having a similar issue, but it's that the font is not our custom font. The statement blocks are showing in a serif font that is different from our custom font.

The quick menu works for changing some style elements like bold and font size, but the Bold/no Bold option is not always available.

I'm adding samples below.

Is there a way to get the statements to use our custom font?


Quick menu choicesQuick menu choices


Wrong fonts in statements

Sherri Fricker

So, here's what we've done. Instead of uploading bold and italic versions of the same Headings font, we have uploaded different fonts to give us some flexibility with the trade-off being we cannot actually use bold within our headings.

Here is what we have uploaded for the Header font:

Screenshot of fonts uploaded for Header

I also prepared a spreadsheet (attached) that identifies which blocks that use the heading font allow bold and regular. This helps us to better understand when we can and can't use our bonus fonts as headers. The couple that are really limiting for us are the Attachment, Accordion Headings Tab Headings, Labeled Graphic Titles, Sorting Activity - Categories, Sorting Activity - Cards.

I hope this makes sense.