Forcing "completion" of a checkbox list

Feb 13, 2018

Hi all

Is there a way that we can force the learner to click the boxes on the Checkbox List? Of course a text instruction would be placed with this, however it would be great just to mix things up a little and have them tick each item on the list.

No big drama if not available, just a thought ...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

You can definitely do this!

Take a look at this quick Peek here on how to use the "Continue" block to force a user to click on all those checklist items.  Not only do you get that gratification of checking things off the list, the Continue button will change and allow a user to proceed! ✅

Michael Bauer

Hi Ashley

This is great! I was always wondering what the point of the tickbox was ...

It must be a brand new feature, as I have been picking away at a Rise course I started a while back and the options wasn't there. No dramas. I duplicated the course and the option now exists :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

The Continue block is semi-new - April 2017. 😃  You can see the announcement from Adam here. 

There's a lot of great stuff being released to Rise and Articulate 360 all the time - so I can't blame you for missing it. Always feel free to reach out here and ask! 

I also like to keep my eye on the “What’s New” page where we showcase some new features we're really excited about, and the Rise Version history to see updates and when bug fixes became available. 

Jess Foster

I'm running into the same situation I believe Cheryl is talking about here. I created a new hire course and several of the sections have checkbox lists so they can check off what they've done so far. Unfortunately, every time they log back into the LMS, the boxes they checked didn't save. This is a course where they will need to keep track of the items they've accomplished and revisit those lessons until all items have been complete. Is there another way to accomplish this?

Jess Foster

Would a work-around be creating separate Rise courses with completion blocks on each? If I packaged the courses into a curriculum in our LMS - would they be able to check off a couple of items but then also have the freedom to move to the next course as they wait on access or whatever is needed to complete all the tasks? Would the checkmarks stay saved as long as the course wasn't completed yet? 

Just trying to think outside the box to get this to work. Maybe instead of the checkbox lists - I should use the quiz option?

Jess Foster

Thank you – I figured that was going to be the case with the checklist however, I was hoping for some advice on a way to create checklists where the checkmarks will stay once you resume your training. Is that something that can be done through Storyline or another tool you have? This is a big priority for us in creating our new hire onboarding program.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Amy Dean

Hi Crystal, 

For our training program, our account directors complete various activities each week. Ideally, I would like to use RISE to have a section for each week of their training program, with various tasks and training activities for them to check off as they complete them along with the included content. 

I would like them to be able to leave the course, come back into the program and jump back in to work through additional coursework with the ability to save progress within the program. 

Thanks for listening! 


John Sarris

We ran into the same issue with learners being able to uncheck boxes. I ended up adding some Javascript to the exported course to hide the "hit area" of a checkbox after it's clicked. It's crude, but it worked for us.

var el = document.getElementsByClassName("block-list__checkbox__hitarea");
window.onload = function (){
var i = setInterval(function (){
if (el.length){

el[0].addEventListener("click", function(){el[0].hidden = true}, false);
el[1].addEventListener("click", function(){el[1].hidden = true}, false);
el[2].addEventListener("click", function(){el[2].hidden = true}, false);
}}, 100);};