Forcing completion of a Storyline block in a Rise course

Jan 27, 2021

We've been trying to figure out how to force completion of an interactive Storyline block that's been inserted into a Rise course. I was referred to this article:
However, Rise instructs you to publish the SL block to Review 360, and Review 360 lets you publish only on completing slides. In fact, the screen shots in the article show the publishing option at the top as Articulate 360, and mine at the top is Review 360 (no Articulate 360). Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carolyn!

You're right -- the top tab of the Storyline 360 publishing window should say Review 360. The screenshot in that article is from an older version of Storyline. 

Can you tell me more about where you're getting stuck in the process? After publishing to Review 360, do you not see the Storyline slides you just published when you insert the Storyline block?

Carolyn Belisle

Hi - thanks for your response. We got it figured out - what the instructions need to add is that the Storyline file needs to have a completion trigger. Then when publishing, the option appears in the Publishing window. That's where I was getting hung up.

FYI -- My publishing window still has Review 360 instead of Articulate 360 as the first option, even with all updates installed.

Thanks again for the response!