Are you using Storyline blocks to track completion? Do you need compliance? Then read this!

Nov 22, 2022

According to Articulate using storyline blocks to track completion in Rise 360 will do 1 of 2 things:

If the user passes the storyline block quiz and close the browser, the course is marked as complete and the quiz completion and quiz score is reported to the LMS (Yay!). The score is important as many compliance driven organizations have an 80% pass-mark. This value needs to be present in LMS reports if an auditor arrives.

If the user fails the storyline block quiz and (being annoyed) close the browser, the user is STILL marked as complete(!) but no score is reported.

This is a HUGE issue for organizations focusing on compliance as you have to show the quiz score. However, with current functionality it is actually possible for a user to pass a Rise course while failing the Storyline block quiz - I kid you not!

If compliance is not important and you don't need a score reported to your LMS, just use the method described in step 1 of this article:

If compliance IS important use the simplest workaround all together: Don't use storyline blocks to track completion... (And Articulate, please add some kind of warning to your documentation).

Another (and much better) workaround (course file attached):

  1. In your storyline quiz create a blank slide following the last quiz-question - it MUST be before the result slide. You can name it "Storyline has a bug" that's what I did.
  2. Add a "Failed" layer to the slide.
  3. Create a trigger that shows the "Failed layer" if your Results.ScorePercent is less than Results.PassPercent (built-in quiz variables)
  4. Create a trigger instructing Storyline to jump to the result-slide if Results.ScorePercent is greater than or equal to Results.PassPercent
  5. Publish your storyline course to Review 360 - Track the result slide ONLY
  6. Add the course to Rise as a storyline block using the storyline quiz block to track completion.
  7. Publish the Rise course using SCORM 2004 2nd edition or later 

do NOT add a Submit Results trigger before the results slide. This is what causes the course to marked as complete.

This method ONLY reports the course as complete if the user passes the quiz AND (more importantly) it ALSO reports the quiz score (this is huge for compliance organizations where showing that score is required).

The only downside is that the number of quiz attempts aren't caught using this method. This is currently not possible as that requires submitting the results - which completes the course.

I'm missing an explanation as to WHY this behavior is happening.

Tested in SCORM cloud and cornerstone - works.

I've attached my testing course for use.


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Ben Chamish


I have three trivia games built in Storyline and used as blocks in a RISE course, each has a results slides with a score. I do not need the users to pass they just need to take them. By completing the final trivia game the course should be marked as complete. However, I'm having issues with the first trivia games completed my course using Cornestone OnDemand. I've wanted to have continue buttons block users so they had to finish the trivia game, but I've only been able to make them work by reporting to the LMS some type of completion but then my course is completing too.

Judy Nollet

You shouldn't need to report anything to the LMS to indicate completion of a Storyline block in Rise.

  • If the SL file was published to Review 360 with tracking via completing a quiz, completing the quiz should enable a restricted Continue button.
  • Another option would be to add a "Complete course" trigger that runs when the timeline of the Results slide starts. Then use that to track completion when you publish to Review 360. 

Also, double-check your settings for publishing Rise for the LMS. Be sure you indicate the third SL block as the one to be used for completion. 

Ben Chamish


I'm new to Articulate but am very familiar with Lectora and setting up interactions. Also, I'm using Cornerstone On Demand and they take "completed" to complete a course.

I think part of my problem may be my LMS and the fact that these interactions are set up as quizzes. I don't care about the score only that my users complete all the questions. Thus, the blocked continue button. Unless I turn off all tracking, the first trivia game a user gets to and completes my course gets marked as complete but it's on page 17 of 44. I can stop this by turning off all tracking but then it seems like RISE never knows when the user gets to the end of the trivia game so the continue button stays disabled.

I hoped if I set tracking to "knowledge check" it would not complete the course but enable the continue button. I may have run too many tests and can't keep them strait anymore but I think the knowledge check didn't change the continue button to enabled. I had to use one of the options under publish, user needs to view 100%, but that would complete the entire course early again.

It feels like the LMS cant separate a user just getting to the end of a storyline interaction and thinking, this completes the whole course.

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Judy Nollet

I've used Storyline blocks that required completion to enable the Continue button, and they didn't mark the entire Rise course as complete. And those were put into Cornerstone On Demand. So I'm not sure why it's not working for you. 

Things you could try: 

  • Test the course in the SCORM CLOUD to see if it works there.
  • Publish the Rise course with "Track using course completion."