Possible bug in Rise/Storyline

Nov 21, 2022

Hello all

Before I create a case I'd like to run this by the community.

I have a Rise 360 course where I use a storyline block to track completion. My storyline block is a quiz with an 80% pass rate.
Now for the question: If I fail the quiz and then close the course (close the browser window) - am I then supposed to have completed the course?

This is happening on scorm cloud and cornerstone. In cornerstone I can even enter my evaluation. This is kind of bad as I work for a company with a heavy focus on compliance.

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ANNE Learning

Attached are my Rise settings, the SCORM cloud result when failing the test and closing the browser window and the equivalent result in Cornerstone. It seems something is not reported right. All I do is fail the test and close the browser window.

ANNE Learning

Hi all,

A horrifying update on the issue... This is expected behavior as detailed in this support article: https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-How-to-Require-Learners-to-Complete-a-Storyline-Block

How articulate are not warning users about this using BIG FAT LETTERS is beyond me. Many companies have compliance requirements. These requirements very often require a quiz to be passed - usually by 80% or more. Using the method described in the article DOES prevent the user from passing the course without an 80% score - but - and this is the big one - the score is not reported to the LMS. It simply states "Completed" or "Passed". This won't cut it - at least for my organization. If we get an audit and they want to see the passing score - we can't give them that - using the described method. It is beyond me, that this isn't more clearly stated somewhere in the documentation.

Anyways here is a definite working workaround (I'll post a separate post somewhere else):

  1. In your quiz create a blank slide following the last quiz-question - it MUST be before the result slide. You can name it "Storyline has a bug" that's what I did.
  2. Add a "Failed" layer to the slide.
  3. Create a trigger that shows the "Failed layer" if your Results.ScorePercent is less than Results.PassPercent (built-in quiz variables)
  4. Create a trigger instructing Storyline to jump to the result-slide if Results.ScorePercent is greater than or equal to Results.PassPercent
  5. Publish your storyline course to Review 360 - Track the result slide ONLY
  6. Add the course to Rise as a storyline block.
  7. Publish the Rise course using SCORM 2004 2nd edition or later 

do NOT add a Submit Results trigger before the results slide. This is what causes the course to marked as complete.

This method ONLY reports the course as complete if the user passes the quiz AND (more importantly) it ALSO reports the quiz score (this is huge for compliance organizations where showing that score is required).

The only downside is that the number of quiz attempts aren't caught using this method. This is currently not possible as that requires submitting the results - which completes the course.

I'm missing an explanation as to WHY this behavior is happening.

Tested in SCORM cloud and cornerstone - works.

I've attached my testing course for use.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael. Thanks for bringing this issue up and sharing your workaround.

One tidbit: We see the opposite behavior when exporting to SCORM 1.2 output from Rise 360: failing the quiz in the Storyline block will prevent the Rise 360 course from completing. We're actually considering this behavior to be a bug.

When you publish to Review 360 to use the Storyline interaction as a block, it doesn't allow you to choose the reporting options (passed/incomplete). The Rise 360 logic is that the course should be considered complete as long as they hit the end of the Storyline interaction, regardless of pass/fail.

The only option you pointed out is to use a completion trigger in Storyline rather than the quiz tracking, losing the quiz score. I'll share the request to update our documentation to more clearly reflect that result -- we don't want you to feel mislead when using this combination!