Getting "Import failed: Check formatting or re-export translation" when trying to import translated XLIFF file in Rise course

Oct 04, 2018


I translated my Rise course (EN > FR) using MateCat. When I try to import the translated text, I get the error message "Import failed: Check formatting or re-export translation"

I've checked the state of the exported XLIFF file and it has the correct info, as far as I can tell.
<target xml:lang="fr-FR" state="translated">TEST</target>

Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lisa! You'll want to make sure that you're exporting the translation file from the same course where you're importing it. This means duplicating the course for each language version, and exporting an XLIFF file for each duplicate. 

If that's what you're doing, please reach out to us here, and we can work with you on a solution!

Gren Foronda

Hi Aris!

Sorry to hear about the error you are getting when importing the translated XLIFF/XLF files into your Rise course.

First thing to check is if you are importing the translated XLIFF/XLF file into the same course where you have exported the translation file. Also, make sure that you don't have any blank lessons in your Rise course. Both of these are discussed here.

We'd like to look into this issue closely as well -- please share your files with us by creating a case here.