Graded Rise branching Scenario? Or allow an export to Storyline to edit with triggers . . .

Jan 24, 2020

First off, I love the ease with which we can create branching scenarios in Rise 360--they look great, and they work basically as you'd expect.

However, I'd really like to be able to do more than just walk folks through a scenario--I'd like to add point values to different choices, or at least export the file as a Storyline file for further editing. If I could have a scene based on my Rise branching scenario that I could import into Storyline and then add triggers, variables, etc., that would be incredible helpful. I know I can create branching scenarios in Storyline, but Rise has made that process feel quite painful in comparison. Ideally Rise would feature more customizable controls, options, etc., in order to do some of the things I'm thinking of (making it a quiz, assigning different point values for each answer choice, giving more space for text, etc.), but as an interim solution being able to create the basics in Rise and then tweak in Storyline would be great.


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Greg Brown

That's great, thanks Tom. As you noted, doesn't really solve the issue, but it's a great workaround until something else can (hopefully) be done.

It just feels like a shame that such a great scenario-creation engine was put into Rise, but we can't leverage that to make more customized content in it or Storyline. 

Anyway, thanks again.

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