Having Copy and Paste issues

Nov 29, 2018


I am having trouble to paste text in Rise, either being from Word or even from Rise. In many places (knowledge check or even text panels), when I try to paste the text nothing appears. I can copy from Rise and paste in Word but can´t do the opposite way.

This problem started today. Can you help me with that? Anyone with the same issue? Thanks.


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Amanda Schuster

I am experiencing this issue today. I pasted a sentence into my Rise course and now I cannot delete it. The cursor will not show up in any part of the pasted text, but it does all allow me to highlight it and change the color/bold...etc. This is only with new pasted items added today, I still can edit older items or type in sentences. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Kerry Goldsworthy

I have also had major issues today, copying and pasting text and images in tables into Rise from Word - step by step training documents with screen captures. I added 5 topics consecutively and the course seems to have crashed - it wont open from Chrome or the weblink for the course.

I created a second course and got to 6 topics and it has done the same thing, yet the course are still listed on my development page - but it doesn't open.

Is there perhaps an issue of a maximum load for content originating from MS Word?

We need to keep our original documents in synch with the online course content for stakeholder review/approval and version control purposes.

Tania Davis

Good morning Articulate. I can't seem to copy / paste or delete text in rise today. I seem to get one go at pasting or deleting text then it no longer works. I then have to shut the browser and open again. Very time consuming not to mention frustrating. Articulate you need to fix this super fast as Rise is useless without being able to copy and paste.

Karl Muller

Hi Tamila, yes you can copy and paste text into that area and other areas of a scenario block as well.

However, you need to be aware that most areas of a scenario block have a character limit, e.g. 200 characters. If you are trying to copy and paste more than the character limit, then the paste action will not work at all.

Each area where you can enter text, once you have clicked there, it will show you the character limit on the right.

Zuzana Urbanek

I am having a related issue right now. I am working a fast-turnaround course and trying to paste in some revisions from colleagues, but there seems to be one phrase "stuck" in the paste and just keeps pasting in over and over, no matter what new text I copy and try to paste. I have logged off and back on, cleared my cache, and so on. Copy-paste works in all my other apps, so it is an issue only in Rise. I am stuck making all these changes letter by letter ... ugh.

Ben Martin


I'm in a world of pain transposing paper-based feedback into my Rise projects today.

When I attempt to cut-and-paste new copy into, or over, existing copy within my Rise projects, it is not making a clean change. It appears to be retaining legacy copy which is making my updates and reviews painful. I've managed to replicate this across three separate projects now and have had to resort to manually typing copy into projects. I've done all the usual due diligence; clearing cache, restarting, changing browsers etc.

I'm confident, like a lot of these glitchy bugs, it will resolve itself but it's definitely a bug the Articulate support team should look into.

It's hurting my brain.

Crystal Horn

Hi Ben. We're here to help! If you're still seeing this behavior, please click here to start a case and let us know what browser you're using, in which blocks this is happening, and from where you're copying your text.

We don't get reports of this often, so it helps to nail down all of those environmental factors. Thanks!