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May 15, 2019

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered in other discussions, however I was only coming across results that were a few years old.

We are looking to host a SCORM in a way where we can either embed it onto our company website, or provide a link to the SCORM from our website (with a preference that the SCORM redirects users back to our website upon completing it). Initially we hoped to use an iFrame, however our website developer has advised that this would create a vulnerability in our security and to embed it their way would have to be approached as a full project, including costings, etc. Unfortunately we require this with some urgency and would like to avoid the high expense of undertaking a project with our website developer.

We don't require any sort of LMS interface or want people to have to make an account or submit information like their email address. Just plain and simple access to the SCORM via our website. However if we can get some usage stats then that is a bonus!

Can anybody recommend any services? SCORM Cloud seems like it might be a good fit, however I want to make sure there isn't something more cost-effective. I also looked at Amazon S3, but am unsure what integrations that system requires to do what we need (CloudBerry Explorer?).

We are a non-profit and for now will only require this for a single course, so Articulate Online may be too pricey for us at this stage - however we do have an Articulate 360 subscription if there is a way to utilise this to achieve what we need!

All suggestions appreciated!!



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Phil Mayor

If you want some form of tracking then you are more likely looking at using tin can as you will need to be able to capture the user data somehow.

If all you want to do is have it accessible on your website may be better to host it on the same server and run from there. If you want to track from your website then the user will need some way of authenticating themselves.

Regan McDonald

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply!

The tracking is really only if whatever solution we end up with happens to have the capability. If not, then we can just keep an eye on clicks with our website analytics - we would only be interested in the engagement, not any actual data beyond how many people are looking at it.

When you say 'host it on the same server', do you mean just on our website server? Based on how our website developer has spoken about this, it is substantial time, work, and cost.

Do you know whether there is a simple way of putting it into layman terms for me to get a better understanding of the process to communicate to our developer?

Also, from what I have read online about placing the SCORM on the web server and embedding it from there, it will still have to use an iFrame to be placed onto the site - which our web developer has warned will create some sort of security vulnerability which would be unacceptable to have open.


Sarah Seang

Hi Regan,

I'm not sure if you've managed to find a solution since this post was from about a year ago, but if you're still looking, there is now where you can upload SCORM content and share the link publicly.

I'm curious to hear if you've found a different solution since then!

Best of luck,


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