Insights about Publishing Rise Courses to Web?

Mar 07, 2019


We are looking into building a course in Rise that we don't want to put in our LMS but instead host on our website. This is the first time I haven't published to a SCORM file and I'd like to get my head around this before talking with our web team.

Does anyone have experience publishing Rise (or even Storyline 360) courses to the web that would be willing to provide me with some guidance? Here are a few (very basic) things I'm wondering about: 

  • When I publish a Rise course to Web, I'm not sure what to items in the content files are needed by the web team.
  • Is there a certain amount of server space that we need to be sure is available for the course?
  • Will learners just access a link on our website to see the course?
  • What else should I be thinking about?

Thanks in advance.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for reaching out to the community! Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. You'll need to give them the entire output folder, with all the subfolders and content.
  2. Once you export your course, you can right-click on the folder to find out the file size. That's how much space you'll need.
  3. Yes :)
  4. Nothing else I can think of but we'll see what other community members have to say

If there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Crystal Horn

Hi Kristen. There is nothing in the Rise 360 web output that will report completion.

Could you embed web content, like a 3rd party survey tool, for learners to signal completion in the final lesson of your course? Google Forms or SurveyMonkey come to mind. You would use the multimedia > embed block for that.

Shuzanah Abdeen

Hi Ellen


I just want to understand if we wish to upload the Rise course on an intranet site then how does it work. Do we use the same web version download? We do not want it to be a deep link of a SCORM file that is uploaded on the LMS. Please can you clarify.