How can we share a Rise project, including look and feel, with someone who has another Articulate 360 license? PLEASE HELP -- CLIENT MEETING TOMORROW!

Hello out there! We are in a situation where some of us are on one Articulate 360 team license and our client has a different Articulate 360 license.  How do we share a project with them? For example, we have developed a specific look and feel for them, and many templates that we have also put into a Rise project. How can we share it with them so they can use it to develop their parts of the program?

Thank you in advance for a quick reply. I am meeting with them Fri 1/31 to give them an orientation to Rise and would love to have the answer to this question for that meeting, if at all possible.

Thanks again!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ellen!

As Karl mentioned, you can add the client as a collaborator on the course if they are an Articulate 360 Teams subscriber. This user guide includes all the details of how to do that.

You can also send a copy of a Rise 360 course to another Articulate 360 user. However, each of you will have an independent copy of the course, which is useful when you’re working with an individual Articulate 360 subscriber.